Elafivolia Arahova Suites



Our concierge services enable you to enjoy your stay at Elafivolia Arahova Suites to the fullest. We are committed towards providing you with everything you might need, ensuring that you spend every moment in our property as comfortably and lavishly as possible.
Allow us to cater for your desires and needs:

  1. transfer in the complex from the public transportation stations 
  2. transfer from the complex to nearby destinations (ski resort, national park, archaeological site of Delphi, Antikyra)
  3. two-day tours to destinations of educational and historical importance of the region (monastery of Hosios Loukas, mining park and museum Vagonneto, Galaxidi's navy museum, Mausoleum of Distomo, Corycian Cave)
  4. private tours in the archaeological site of Delphi
  5. excursions to picturesque villages of Parnassos
  6. tour - hiking trails in the national park with a guide
  7. tour - bike trails in the national park with a guide
  8. tour - with tricycles / quad trails in the national park with a guide
  9. suggestions and restaurant - bar reservations
  10. suggestions and reservations on season festivities
  11. background information on the region of Parnassos
  12. update events - traditional festivals for Arachova and Parnassos region
  13. last minute bookings in other luxurious units of the area for your friends
  14. car 4 x 4 rental
  15. flowers and composition
  16. massages, beauty services-physiotherapists
  17. baby sitting
  18. outdoor swimming pool with led lighting

All above is upon request , upon availability and weather conditions.

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